Max at 9 months

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Max At 9 Months

I’m not an overly sentimental person but I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about the last 9 months with Max. It feels like only yesterday that he was just a tiny, chubby bundle who would happily curl up on my chest. These days he’s just too active and curious to waste any time on something so stationary; there are too many new things to explore. He really is incredibly active. He crawls everywhere and will pull himself up on any semi-stable surface in reach. To get some of that energy out, we started taking Max to Romp n’ Roll, which he loves. If you’re not familiar with Romp n’ Roll, it is an open gym designed for kids, filled with colorful mats to crawl and play on. It’s a lot of fun to watch him explore such an unrestricted space, but our favorite part is watching him interact with the other babies.

We started giving Max puffs (baby cheerios) to work on feeding himself. We love to watch him figure out how to grab the puffs and transfer them to his mouth. Admittedly, only a small fraction of the puffs actually make it there.

Max is still sleeping through the night! Even though he has been doing that for almost 2 months, it still feels like a miracle every time it happens. Seriously.

Overall, this month has been really great. It makes me realize how thankful I am for Aaron.I’ve realized that unplanned surprises and occasional feelings of exasperation are just an inevitable part of parenting and I’m getting better at rolling with the former to avoid the latter. And when I fall short, I feel especially lucky to have a partner who understands and is always there. Now onto the fun stuff:

Max stats

  • Weight: 19.7 lbs
  • Height: 28.5″
  • Head circumference: 18.75″

Memorable moments:

  • Aaron was playing with Max and holding him up above his head. Max was having so much fun laughing and smiling that he drooled directly into Aaron’s ear!
  • We measure Max’s water intake with a piece of tape because for a while he would drink so little that it was impossible to eyeball if he had any. But, starting a few days ago he has been drinking ~½ a piece of tape!
  • Occasionally something on tv will make Max laugh really hard. There were a couple days when he would stop what he was doing and smile at the TV every time the same botox commercial came on.

Things we think Max likes:

  • Slides - After we place him at the top of the slide, he starts to scoot forward and a smile usually spreads across his face as he reaches the edge.
  • Raffi (still!)
  • Roomba
  • Eating Cheerios
  • Door stoppers
  • Bubbles

Things we are pretty sure Max doesn’t like:

  • Having his face wiped
  • Wearing a bib
  • Being strapped into his car seat


  • A lot more vocal. Making B sounds
  • Ate chicken
  • Can take a few steps if he is holding onto a wall