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Receiving mail brings Max a disproportionate amount of joy. The other day he received the coolest gift - a personalized coloring book! The gift was imaged by Ashley, executed by Pops and creatively assembled by Bebe. Of course I had to know how they did it. Here are the steps to turning your photos into a coloring book.

Coloring Book for Me App

There are a couple different apps to do this. Here I’m using Coloring Book for Me, but Colorscape is another excellent app that I’ve tried.

  1. Download the Coloring Book for Me App.

  2. Open the app and select ‘Create’.

  3. Select ‘Import my picture’. Or you can create a fun design.

  4. Select ‘Library’ and select your photo.

  5. Crop your photo. Here you can use the eraser tool to remove background elements.

  6. Scroll through the options to select your photo style.

  7. Here you have the option to digitally color your image or pencil in some missing lines.

  8. Save and export your image. The app has a premium subscription that unlocks additional features. Everything shown here was done on the free plan. The only downside is the app name is printed in the lower right hand corner of your photo. The premium option gets rid of that.

The end result is such a fun idea for a personalized gift. Max loves flipping through his coloring book from Pops and Bebe and seeing pictures of himself! Thanks Pops and Bebe!