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At 2, Zoe is full of personality, silly, and equipped with more than a little sass. To set the record straight, she is no longer the little monster I wrote about in her previous posts. In fact, she borders on absolutely adorable at times and now we are only moderately afraid of her. Zoe summed herself best when she stole a marker from Max, ran away, turned, and ran the open marker down her face without breaking eye contact. That’s our girl in a nutshell.

Zoe has little to no patience. It’s the reason she asks for more dinner while still eating and why she yells “change me!” at school when the potty line is too long. It’s also the reason she is an aggressive “non-sharer”. Although small, she is not intimidated by bigger kids. When not demanding something, she is sweet, playful, and charming. She loves to sing and can frequently be heard belting out a good “baa baa black sheep”, “Old McDonald” and “ABC” mash-up.

Zoe loves to eat but is also really picky, which translates to lots of carbs and no vegetables. Despite our best efforts, she manages to filter out the veggies we hide in her food. So in summary, not the epitome of health, but 2nd child good.

These days Zoe loves jumping on the trampoline, chasing Max, being chased by Max, coloring, books, and this weird little monkey that she is obsessed with. She laughs like a maniac when we turn the monkey on. One of Zoe’s favorite books is “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus”. Every time we get to page where the pigeon asks “hey, can I drive the bus?”, without hesitation Zoe says “yes.”

We’ve seen a major shift in Zoe’s ability to communicate. I don’t know if it’s because she is a girl, or the second child, but her vocabulary has exploded the last few weeks. She constantly amazes us with the new ways she learns to tell us she doesn’t want something. It’s also clear that she’s beginning to really hear the things we’re saying and then repeating them in similar situations. Unfortunately Max has channeled this for his own amusement. He loves to whisper “poopy butt” to Zoe, then giggle hysterically as she repeats “poopy butt, poopy butt, poopy butt … (an hour later) … poopy butt.” Here are a couple of her favorite things to say.

Dinner ready? She might not know what that means since she asks it before, during and after dinner.

Back-up mommy/daddy. She says this if we are crowding her space, reaching over her in the car, or too close to her when she is trying to do something herself.

Daddy, I’m crying! She yells this through tears, which is so cute we can’t help but laugh. I guess Zoe hasn’t learned about stating the obvious.

More si-si-yup. We gave her syrup once. Now she loves to ask for “si-si-yup”.

Mommy, I’m not comfy.

I DO IT BY SELF! Screams this constantly.

Despite the challenges that come with 2 year olds, we are truly enjoying Zoe. Something about knowing your littlest is your last little one makes their tantrums a tiny bit less stressful.

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