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Our Favorite Priddy Books

4 minute read

Parenting fell apart the first 14 weeks of social distancing - TV before breakfast, snacking at will, popsicles before dinner, learning… meh. You get the picture. I know 2 year olds don’t know all their shapes, but do they know a Paw Patrol episode in the first 10 seconds? Mine...

Gift Ideas for the Little Ones

less than 1 minute read

Max and Zoe are those lucky kids who get to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. As a parent of those kids, it means finding balance between celebrating both holidays without gift overload (or breaking the bank!). With Hanukkah over, I’m sharing some of this year’s favorite gifts. Not pictured is Zoe’s...

My 3 year old’s first homework assignment and what I learned about myself

2 minute read

The school year just started and Max is loving his new class. When he came home with his first homework assignment, cleverly disguised as “home learning fun”, I was excited. I envisioned us sitting at the table, surrounded by colorful art supplies, working together to complete the assignment. Nothing about...