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Zoe at 5 Months

2 minute read

Zoe is living her best life when she is simultaneously being bounced and walked. It’s not a pretty combination of actions, but when your baby requires both motions to stop crying you do it.

Zoe at 4 Months

2 minute read

This past month has been a busy one, Aaron was in San Diego for a week, Max had his 3rd birthday party and Zoe had her first road trip, which coincidently was also her last road trip (she screamed the entire time).

Zoe at 3 Months

2 minute read

Zoe cries a lot. She is only happy when she is either being walked around in the baby bjorn carrier, propped up on her feet or held in an incredibly specific position that is near impossible to maintain. I’m literally writing this post as I’m walking her around in the...

Max at 3 Years Old

5 minute read

I can barely believe our little boy is three years old! He is cautious, sweet, bright, silly and observant. (And occasionally a little monster.) Here’s a snapshot of Max at 3.

Conversations with a 2 year old

4 minute read

The biggest change this past year has been Max’s ability to communicate. It’s weird to think that a year ago he only knew a few words and could only communicate in one or two word sentences. Some days I can’t believe how grown up he is, then I’ll see certain...

Zoe at 2 Months

3 minute read

This biggest change this past month is that I went back to work. The transition has been challenging as we figure out how to efficiently manage our morning and night time routines.

Zoe at 1 Month

3 minute read

So here’s the thing about having two kids: it’s hard. Aaron and I basically laughed then cried the first night home with Zoe when she started crying at 2 am followed 5 minutes later by Max waking up and crying. Needless to say we were all sleep deprived that first...

The Not-So-Easy Transition from Crib to Big Boy Bed

5 minute read

I hoped Max would be one of those kids who would sleep in his crib for as long as possible. He was sleeping great and seemed so safe in there. I wanted him to take after his dad, since Aaron’s dad jokingly said he tried so hard to get baby...

Two week countdown …

2 minute read

I’ve been relatively calm throughout this pregnancy. With it being our second, a lot of the unknowns that you experience with your first are not there with your second. That being said, as soon as October rolled around, I had a sudden surge of anxiety that we have so many...

Pregnancy - 34 Week Update

3 minute read

When I found out I was pregnant back in Spring, the idea of a November due date felt years away. I was okay with that because it meant I had loads of time to prepare and get used to the idea that our lives would be changing drastically. But now...