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ChatGPT and an Ode to the Best 2nd Grade Teacher

1 minute read

Max has the best 2nd grade teacher. Honestly, all of our teachers have been amazing, but Mr. House is extra in a way that is hard to explain. He plays the ukulele, writes the catchiest songs about photosynthesis (not an easy task!), fosters a love for reading, and is up...

Happy 7th Anniversary

less than 1 minute read

Our relationship has changed a lot this year, mainly in that I’ve gone back to giving Aaron haircuts (ahem, remember this…). But through the craziness that has been 2020/2021 we’ve come together on a lot of decisions, the big ones being 1. we sent Max to in-person Kindergarten (which has...

Healthy Snacking with Love Corn

2 minute read

We take snacking seriously, which translates to a love for constant eating. However, Zoe has made this hard. Her extreme pickiness and fierce temper is the reason we haven’t established the best eating habits with her. But, in true second child fashion, we are finally getting it together and snacking...

2020 year in review

1 minute read

Phew, what a year! At the very least, 2020 was an unusual one, but more accurately it was a dumpster fire.

12 Random Things That TikTok Made Me Buy

3 minute read

I’ve been wasting a whole lotta’ time on TikTok lately. But to show that my trip down the rabbit hole hasn’t been for nothing, here are some of the amazing, but def nonessential, products TikTok has “made me” buy. Desktop vacuum Love this little vacuum! If you are a snacker...

Zoe at 3

5 minute read

Our Zo-bug is 3, and boy is she! She’s opinionated, vocal, silly, adorable, strong willed, sassy, and terrible, all bundled into one tiny, bow-resistant package. Sleeping Let’s see, she still sleeps in a crib, even though we know she can climb out 😬. As long as she doesn’t climb out...

Our Favorite Priddy Books

4 minute read

Parenting fell apart the first 14 weeks of social distancing - TV before breakfast, snacking at will, popsicles before dinner, learning… meh. You get the picture. I know 2 year olds don’t know all their shapes, but do they know a Paw Patrol episode in the first 10 seconds? Mine...

Our 5 favorite Alexa features right now

3 minute read

These days Alexa is more like a family member - we miss her when we’re gone, Zoe yells when she doesn’t listen, she reminds us when it’s trash day, and we cry when she isn’t working.

Quarantine 2020 in numbers

1 minute read

With the country reopening, I’m setting aside parenting guilt and taking an unedited look at our lives from the past 14 weeks. Summary of the past 14 weeks Number of Amazon purchases: 61 Number of minutes those Amazon purchases entertained the kids: 30 Number of seconds it takes Zoe to...

DIY Framebridge “Triptych” Frames

1 minute read

There’s nothing like being home all day during quarantine to make you realize how bare your walls are. After dragging my feet, I came across this gorgeous gallery wall by Studio McGee. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bernice Wolen (@bernicewolen) After a little digging, I found...