baby 7 month update

Zoe at 7 months

Max has stepped up his big brother game. One of the sweetest moments this month was when Max carried his favorite book and chair to Zoe’s room and sat down to read her a bedtime story. He started off by shushing the audience then read in a whisper.…

Deliciously Addictive Popcorn to Make at Home

Popcorn is the quintessential movie-going foods and one of my all time favorite snacks. It satisfies the sweet, salty and anything in between craving. I’ve never made it on the stove but decided to give it a try after I was sent a bottle of Malaysian Palm Oil to review. And guys, it is so easy! And not “Blue Apron easy”, legit easy!

Pampers pure collection

Baby on the Go with Pampers Pure Diapers

I partnered with Pampers to review their new Pampers Pure Collection. All opinions are my own.  When Max was a baby, we never left the house without a fully stocked diaper bag. How were we supposed to know what we’d need, or not need, so we would just…