Apologies to my second child

10 Apologies to our second child

t’s hard being the second child. Not only does Zoe live with her (well-intentioned) attacker (Max), but her stuff is a little dingier, excitement is a little lower and she has been in public with a onsie that says “Daddy’s little dude.”

Rachio – Smart Sprinkler Controller

The upside of being married to a tech geek is pretty obvious: lots and lots of gadgets. When it comes to a new product launch, it’s pretty much a guarantee that Aaron and his Dad will be on the phone gabbing about all the awesome new features and…

Mirena IUD personal story

When my Mirena IUD perforated my uterus

I’ll start this post by saying I love the mirena IUD. After getting pregnant with Max while on the pill, the IUD was a welcome alternative. I loved not thinking about birth control and I loved not getting a period even more. So after Zoe was born…

Baby 5 month update

Zoe at 5 months

Zoe is living her best life when she is simultaneously being bounced and walked. It’s not a pretty combination of actions, but when your baby requires both motions to stop crying you do it. Sleeping By some miracle (knock on wood) Zoe is still sleeping well at night.…

Alexa in our home

5 Ways we use Alexa in our Home

Aaron is always looking for new technology to make our home even “smarter.” When we got our first Amazon Echo, I wasn’t sure how often I would use the voice-activated speaker, but now, I’m not sure how I lived without it. (Here’s how we incorporate Alexa into our…