4 year old posts

Things my 4 year old says

2 minute read

These are my favorite posts to look back on, but they are also the biggest reminders at how fast he is growing up. I’m trying not to tear up at every milestone, but it can be so hard. I cried when he started in the “Tiger” class at school (Pre-K,...

Things my 3/4 year old says

2 minute read

It’s impossible to write down all the crazy things a 3/4 year old says, although it’s not always cute and endearing. The other morning, Max threw a tantrum because his toast was too cold (giant eye roll). Four year olds are what I imagine super rich people to be like....

Max at 4

3 minute read

There are days when I still feel like a new mom while other days interacting with Max is like talking with a friend (a friend who asks a lot of questions, always wants a snack and occasionally screams for no reason). Max is an exceptional kid, but don’t get me...