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These are my favorite posts to look back on, but they are also the biggest reminders at how fast he is growing up. I’m trying not to tear up at every milestone, but it can be so hard. I cried when he started in the “Tiger” class at school (Pre-K, also the oldest class in his preschool) last week, so I know I will be a wreck when Kindergarten starts next year. He is definitely not always a gem, but I usually write these posts a few hours after he is asleep and that is when love is at its peak. If you have a 4 year old then you get that. Anyways, these are a few of my most recent and favorite “Max-isms” .

Oh look, Zoe got bigger. Or does she just look bigger in that outfit?

(Zoe screaming in the car) Zoe, I’ll talk to you when you calm down.

You know how your eye itches and you rub it? That’s what it feels like on my bottom.

(Standing in line, the girl in front of us has braces) Daddy, I love her teeth. They are beautiful.

Me: Max, don’t pick your nose.
Max: But there is something in there that doesn’t belong there.

Me: I’m going to the potty (because now I announce when I’m going to the bathroom and now I call it the potty).
Max: Again? Mommy, you always go potty.

I always see Zoe on the playground at school. We chit chat.

(While crossing the street) Mommy, holding your hand is not fun and I only want to have fun.

Max: When is Zoe going to grow up?
Me: What do you mean? Zoe is growing up.
Max: I mean when will she not be a baby anymore? Because then I won’t have a baby sister anymore.

Max: (While Max is in the bathroom) MOMMY, DADDY, ANYONE! I need someone to keep me company.
Me: Max, going to the bathroom is a solo activity.
Max: Not for me.

(Someone talking to Zoe) Oh, Zoe doesn’t know stuff.

Max: Mommy, should we have a T-F-Z-Y-E-B?
Max: A what?
Max: (Whispering) Ice cream. We don’t want Zoe to hear.

(Zoe sick at home) Did Zoe learn anything today at home? (..Pause..) No, I don’t think so.

I do not want to be president when I grow up. I just want to be nothing. Okay. (Cool. Dream big Max.)

Remember, we are going to make a rocket with jewels all around it. There is no time for graphs. If you like graphs so much we can make one after school tomorrow.

Here’s Max on his first day in the Tiger class: