Tech we Love - Rachio

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Tech we Love - Rachio via @stitchesandpress

The upside of being married to a tech geek is pretty obvious: lots and lots of gadgets. When it comes to a new product launch, it’s pretty much a guarantee that Aaron and his Dad will be on the phone gabbing about all the awesome new features and discussing their plans to get it. Whether it is a smart light bulb, a new feature announced on the iPhone or a new system for home automation, Aaron’s tech insight is always up to date. In a new series I’ll showcase the gadgets a tech novice like me has loved immediately, grown to love or just didn’t care about.

This week, Rachio. Rachio is a smart home sprinkler system that factors in sun exposure, soil and plant types, and local forecasts when watering your lawn. Such a simple idea, yet how many times do you see the sprinklers running on your neighbors lawn when it’s raining outside. Gallons of water are wasted by not factoring in weather. Sure you can manually adjust your sprinklers, but how many times do you do that. Rachio’s technology seamlessly implements smart scheduling to create a customized watering schedule that saves you money. Rachio also has a mobile app that allows you to easily monitor or adjust the watering schedule and shows you how many gallons of water you have saved. Needless to say, this is a gadget we rarely think about but absolutely love.

Shop the item here: Rachio, Available at Amazon, Home Depot or Best Buy