Zoe at 4 Months

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Zoe at 4 month.

This past month has been a busy one, Aaron was in San Diego for a week, Max had his 3rd birthday party and Zoe had her first road trip, which coincidently was also her last road trip (she screamed the entire time).


Zoe still gets her crying out during the day and sleeps great at night. I nervously write that since the 4 month regression is right around the corner. The difference this time is that Aaron and I will sleep train immediately.


Zoe has the worst baby fomo (fear of missing out). If anything is happening around her while she is nursing or taking a bottle, her head immediately jolts up in that direction. Even if there is no activity around, her eyes are constantly scanning the room to make sure she isn’t missing anything. As a result, she is a challenge to feed. Some days her teachers tell us it takes 45 minutes to give her a bottle. At home we usually sit in a closed room, with the lights dimmed and white noise playing to feed her. Love how easy peasy she is!

GOOD NEWS: The good news is that she is gaining weight. According to her pediatrician she should be gaining at least 2/3 an ounce every day. She isn’t quite hitting that threshold, but she is close.

LESS GOOD NEWS: We have to continue waking her up at night to squeeze in an extra feeding.


For reasons we can’t explain, Zoe has started giving us about 20 minutes of happiness a day. During that time, she smiles easily, reacts to us and occasionally even giggles. Then, almost as if she senses our demeanor relaxing, she scrunches her face and screaming Zoe returns.

Weirdly, her happy times coincide with her legs coming out of her onesie. She will be crying, but as soon as her two legs are flailing in the nude, she immediately calms down. This of course is short lived otherwise Zoe would never have pants on!

Zoe at 4 month.

Crying aside, we’ve seen a major shift in Zoe’s alertness. Now she is like a tiny human who quietly, or sometimes loudly, observes her surroundings. Specifically, the surroundings to her right because according to her pediatrician the right side of her head is flatter than the left. Next month we will be working on sightseeing to the left.

Zoe at 4 month.

Latest Milestone

Zoe rolled over! And in true Zoe fashion she did it while crying the entire time. We almost felt bad clapping and cheering for her as she wailed. My favorite part was how excited Max was for her. He kept clapping and saying, “roll again!”

Zoe 4 month stats

Here are some stats from Zoe’s fourth month. If you want to compare (which we do) check out Max’s 4th month here.

  • Weight: 12.3 lbs (10th percentile)
  • Height: 24.5″
  • Head circumference: 16.25″

I’ll end this post with a few of my favorite quotes from this past month:

“It feels like world peace when Zoe stops crying.” -my Mom

This one might be my favorite. Max’s friend on the way to his birthday party.

“Is Max’s baby going to be there?” when asked why, “because she cries a lot.”

When my Mom left our house to go back to North Carolina.

“Oh, she forgot to take Zoe.” -Max