Zoe at 5 Months

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Zoe is living her best life when she is simultaneously being bounced and walked. It’s not a pretty combination of actions, but when your baby requires both motions to stop crying you do it.

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By some miracle (knock on wood) Zoe is still sleeping well at night. We put her down around 6:30, then wake her up at 10 pm and 2 am to nurse (doctor’s order). During those times she barely opens her eyes then goes right back to sleep. On the weekends we’ve more or less followed a “nap on demand” schedule, which roughly translates to Zoe not napping. We realize that isn’t ideal and are hoping to stumble upon a routine soon.


We started supplementing with formula to bring Zoe’s weight up. After testing a variety of different bottles, formula and nipple flows we finally figured out a combination that Zoe accepts. But even on her best day, Zoe only hovers around a C- for eating. In other words, there is room for improvement. I’m not a sentimental person, but when she switched to the medium flow bottle nipples, I felt a twinge of sadness that the newborn stage was over.


Zoe’s 5th month can also be referred to as the month she got a little bit better. While there isn’t one thing that makes her instantly happy, it has gotten a little easier to make her smile, giggle and coo. She is a lot more vocal and will remind us she is here by letting out little yelps of glee, which are the cutest things. Don’t get me wrong, she still cries a lot, just a little less than before.

Zoe still spends a lot of time in a carrier, so much so that Aaron and I have our own. Aaron with the Baby Bjorn and me with the LILLE Baby. Occasionally Zoe falls asleep, which is great, but she always wakes up if we stop walking, sit down, relax, or try to transfer her out. It doesn’t matter how deep we think she is sleeping, she always knows.

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Latest Milestone

Even though Zoe rolled over for the first time weeks ago, there has been very little rolling this month. It’s our fault because putting her on her tummy makes her cry, so we avoid it. When the second child guilt sets in, we just remind ourselves that all kids hold their head up by college.

Zoe 5 month stats

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  • Weight: 13.4 lbs
  • Height: 25″
  • Head circumference: ??
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