Zoe at 3 Months

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Zoe at 3 month.

Zoe cries a lot. She is only happy when she is either being walked around in the baby bjorn carrier, propped up on her feet or held in an incredibly specific position that is near impossible to maintain. I’m literally writing this post as I’m walking her around in the baby carrier. The downside is she gets a fair amount of food dropped on her head - nachos, trail mix, rice, ice cream. The plus side is Aaron and I get a lot of steps. Overall we are just thankful there is something that soothes her.


Despite being fussy during the day, she is wonderful at night. She wakes up once a night after a 4.5-6 hour stretch then falls right back to sleep. I wish we could say she was sleeping in her crib, but she spends most of her time sleeping in the Graco swing.


Since starting daycare, Zoe is a little harder to nurse. She has gotten used to bottles during the day and is lazy with her latch at night. As a result, she hasn’t gained as much weight as the doctor would like. So the past week we have started waking her up at night to squeeze in an extra feeding. For the record, nothing feels less natural than waking up at night to wake up a sleeping baby! She has added some chub to her little legs, but we are eager for her to plump up a little more.


A day after posting Zoe’s two month update, she smiled intentionally at us for the first time. It took a while to get a smile from Max, so when Zoe smiled at us at only 9 weeks it caught us off guard. Her smiles are hard to get but we love when we get them.

Latest Milestone

Zoe is holding her head up for longer periods of time and followin objects with her eyes.

Favorite thing about this age

Last month I wrote that I love when she sleeps on my chest. Unfortunately that phase ended quickly. Zoe doesn’t like when we sit down or stop moving so we rarely get to fully relax with her. Not only that, but I drive through a lot more almost red lights than I used to because Zoe cries every single time the car stops for a traffic light/stop sign/traffic.

Favorite baby item at this age

Definitely the baby bjorn carrier. This is still our must have item since it is one of the few items that consistently soothes her.

Zoe 3 month stats

Here are some stats from Zoe’s third month. If you want to compare (which we do) check out Max’s third month here

  • Weight: 10lbs 12oz (10th percentile)
  • Height: XX″
  • Head circumference: XX″

Note. After reading through this post, I realize it sounds like Zoe isn’t a lot of fun to be around. While that is debatably true at times, we love her dimpled little grin, and her intensely scrunched up mad face she makes every time she is about to start wailing.