A little bit of pocket change - my 2016 blogging summary

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A little bit of pocket change - my 2016 blogging summary

I started this blog as a way to document my various DIY projects, but it has grown into my little piece of the internet that I love. Initially when Aaron suggested I start a blog as a creative outlet, I brushed off the idea. I thought “who is going to read that”. And it’s true, for the first year or so the only people who followed my site were my parents (sometimes), Aaron’s parents (occassionally) and a few friends (once in a while). While I don’t know how long I’ll keep it up, I’ve loved using this site to document major milestones in my life such as our wedding, our first house, first pregnancy and our first year with Max. Here’s a look at my blogging summary for 2016.

2016 Blog stats

Favorite post to write

This one is tough because the whole purpose of a blog is to write about the things you really want to write about. But if I had to choose, the post “Quantifying sleep with an infant” was my favorite because it was deeply personal. It was written immediately after a period when Aaron and I were barely getting enough sleep and were practically zombies. It summarized a parenting hurdle that we had conquered and it felt amazing.

Other posts I loved:

2016 blog income

$1,239.80. While it’s clearly not enough to quit my full time job (I actually love my full time job), I used the extra money to pay off my car a year early and splurge on these fantastic pair of jeans.

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Or if you have, do you have any blogging tips?

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