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Phew, what a year! At the very least, 2020 was an unusual one, but more accurately it was a dumpster fire. We spent a whole lotta’ time with our kids (read about that here), and drank a lot more because of it. But importantly, we also made a lot of memories that we will always look back on. Some of those include Zoe screaming by the pantry for another snack, listening to Trolls on repeat, Max slamming the door and denting the wall (again!), while others include Aaron and I playing VR mini golf (and loving it, even though I don’t like real life mini golf!). But most of all, I’ll remember quarantine for all the walks we took with Zoe and Max, and how they called each one “an adventure” (including the ones I had to bribe them to go on!).

Here is our review of 2019, which was a very different year!

Here is our review of 2020 in numbers

  • Number of jobs between Aaron and I: 5 (3 for me and 2 for Aaron)
  • Number of years married: 6 (Aaron, right?)
  • Number of Amazon purchases: 263 (+111)
  • Loads of laundry: 368 (+52)
  • Cost to run this blog: $110.67 (website hosting and domain)
  • Amount earned from this blog: $144.51 ($100 from sponsored content and $44.51 from affiliate links) Ha! Maybe I need a different side hustle, suggestions??
  • Amount Aaron thinks was spent at the Container Store: $20 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Amount actually spent at the Container Store: $783.88 😬 Yikes, I blame The Home Edit!
  • Number of times Zoe was tucked in: 1 million
  • Number of times Trolls was streamed: 376 (it was Aaron and I’s most listened to song on Spotify!)
  • Number of DoorDash deliveries: 39
  • Number of grocery deliveries: 74
  • Number of date nights: 1 😩
  • Number of COVID-19 positive tests: 0

Happy New Year and welcome 2021!