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We take snacking seriously, which translates to a love for constant eating. However, Zoe has made this hard. Her extreme pickiness and fierce temper is the reason we haven’t established the best eating habits with her. But, in true second child fashion, we are finally getting it together and snacking (slightly) smarter.


LOVE CORN is a small company dedicated to creating delicious snacks made with simple ingredients, making customers smile, and giving back to the community. Each corn kernel is high in fiber, gluten-free, and low in sugar, then flavored with simple and clean ingredients. The end result is a healthy, very crunchy, and highly-addictive snack!

Love Corn


  • Smoked BBQ - Favorite! They nailed the perfect smoky BBQ flavor.
  • Sea Salt - This flavor is a close second!
  • Salt & Vinegar - I haven’t eaten a salt & vinegar flavored snack since Pammy (from 3rd grade) tricked me into trying her chips. If someone has tried this flavor, please share your thoughts!
  • Habanero Chili - This one is for all the spicy food lovers out there! I was out after 1 bite.

These days, I keep a bag of the smoked BBQ next to my desk to snack on throughout the day. Good thing I have this handy dandy little desk vacuum to clean up/hide all my crumbs! Love that thing! Now, corn nuts are never going to be a replacement for an oreo (what is?), but it doesn’t have to be. Throwing this healthy, tasty option into the snack rotation feels like a win win for everyone.

Snacking ideas

I’m rarely organized, my grocery list is never complete, and I almost always have to improvise an ingredient or two in a recipe. But, occasionally, when a company like LOVE CORN asks me to try their product, I get my crap together and manage to throw together a picture-worthy (maybe?) cheeseboard! The smoked BBQ corn nuts were the perfect addition! Since we are still social distancing, Aaron and I polished this cheeseboard off ourselves. Easy peasy.

Quarantine has forced us to get creative in our every day tasks, including how we snack. After watching Max and Zoe painfully pick through a bowl of trail mix, I decided to let them create their own (crazy, right!). I laid out a few staple ingredients, gave them a big bowl, and let them mix. Not sure what I was thinking, because most of it ended up on the floor, but we managed to create a tasty little ensemble that they were proud enough to eat.

Kid-apprvoed trail mix

After the kiddos go to bed (or before!), I usually crave/need a drink and something sweet. This week I traded sugar for a savory treat and it did not disappoint!

Where to get it? You can buy LOVE CORN pretty much anywhere: Whole Foods, Target, Sprouts Farmers Market, Kroger, Wegmans, Walgreens, CVS, ShopRite, Amazon, and more. If you buy it from their site, you can use the code MOMSLOVE for 25% off! Better yet, if you want to try a free sample you can get one here https://lovecorn.com/samples!

Happy snacking!