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Max has the best 2nd grade teacher. Honestly, all of our teachers have been amazing, but Mr. House is extra in a way that is hard to explain. He plays the ukulele, writes the catchiest songs about photosynthesis (not an easy task!), fosters a love for reading, and is up to speed on Minecraft and Pokémon.

With the year almost over, we wanted to do something extra special. So we used ChatGPT to write a thank you rap dedicated to our favorite second grade teacher! I used the following prompts in ChatGPT to get the gist then tweaked it a little.

Then with a little human editing, this is what we ended up with:

Mr. House’s Thank You Rap

Yo, listen up, it’s time to cheer,
For the best teacher around, Mr. House is here,
With the greenest thumb and a heart so kind,
A better human, you will never find.

Our gardener teacher, Mr. House the GOAT,
With him by our side, we’ll stay afloat,
With every lesson, we grow strong and wise,
Ready for challenges to reach the skies.

He plants the seeds, and helps us grow,
With a ukulele near, his love sure shows,
He sings to us, and strums those strings,
We learn together, what life can bring.

Mr. House is special, one of a kind,
With a love for learning, he’ll help us find,
The power within, the knowledge we seek,
As a class, together, our future’s sleek.

Thank you, Mr. House, for all you’ve done,
For inspiring us, and making learning fun,
We’ll always remember the love you’ve shown,
In our hearts, you’re the best we’ve ever known.

Thank you to all the wonderful teachers out there! And thank you ChatGPT for making it possible for us to “write” a rap!