DIY West Elm Pintucked Duvet

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DIY West Elm Pintucked Duvet


  • 2 queen sized flat sheets (if I had to do it again I would use 2 king sized sheets for a queen comforter)
  • Snaps (for the closure)
  • Sewing machine


  • For the top (pintuck) I used a chalk crayon to mark where I wanted the pintucks to be.
  • I marked 12” across for the first row, then I measured 12” down and started another row of markings 12” apart.
  • I started every other row 6” in so that the markings would be staggered.
  • Then for each marking I grabbed the material, twisted it then sewed across to secure it.
  • Once all the pintucks were done I sewed the 2 sheets together and used snaps for the closure and voila!