Wedding: DIY Letterpress Invitations

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Wedding DIY Letterpress Invitations1

I wanted to make simple and clean letterpress wedding invitations. I used A7 letterpress paper that I bought on amazon. The paper is beautiful and thick so the letters embossed really nicely.


  • Lay out the main text. Nothing gives you more appreciation for the art of letterpress than laying out size 12 typeface!
  • Details: Color 299, Typeface News Gothic, size 12

Wedding Diy Letterpress Invitations2

Wedding Diy Letterpress Invitations3

  • Add in “Aaron and Bernice”.
  • Details: Typeface (Aaron and Bernice): Sans Serif, size 30
  • Details: Typeface (and): Sans Serif, size 24

Wedding Diy Letterpress Invitations4

Wedding Diy Letterpress Invitations5

Wedding Diy Letterpress Invitations6