First House!

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First House

Starting from when we are young, it seems like there are social pressures that impact everything we do - from who to sit with at the lunch table to deciding when to get married, buy a house and have kids. And although I have never been one of those people who had to have everything figured out, there’s something comforting, yet slightly terrifying, in being open to the unpredictable. Instead of dwelling on things I “should” have done by a certain age, I’ve been trying to set aside those arbitrary timelines and embrace the moment.

However, now that I’ve decided to embrace the unknown, it seems like I’m experiencing a surge of life moments. I got married last month and after searching for several months, we bought our first house! It’s beautiful, charming, brand new and already feels like home. I can’t wait to organize our kitchen, have breakfast in our morning room and take walks in our neighborhood. It’s all so surreal and exciting, and I’ve never felt more like an adult. It’s going to take a while to furnish the place, but in the meantime, I’m obsessing over nearly every design and organization page on pinterest! I’m looking forward to posting snapshots as we chronicle the updates we make to our first home!