Pregnancy - 13 Week Update

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Pregnancy 13 Week Update

  • baby size: kiwi
  • my size: +7 pounds - Goodbye size 0 but I’m still fitting comfortably in 75% of my pants. My waist size has increased about 1.5” to 28.5”, but no obvious baby bump.
  • my mood is: great! I’ve been distracted with packing up our apartment and the excitement of moving into our first home.
  • my fitness level is: still the same - 4 mile run 3 times a week.
  • a few pros: I have lots of energy and have been sleeping like a rock.
  • a few cons: pregnancy breakouts! I made an appointment with a dermatologist who assured me most women experience increased acne especially in their first trimester due to the surge in hormones. She prescribed me a 1% clindamycin topical lotion for at night and a 20% azelaic acid cream for the morning.
  • looking forward to: my face clearing up (hopefully by the second trimester).