Pregnancy - 20 Week Update

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Pregnancy 20 Week Update

I’m 20 weeks pregnant and very happy to be at the half way mark. My first trimester was rough, not in the traditional sense of morning sickness and exhaustion, but more in feeling completely unprepared for the life changing event that was only a few short months away. While Aaron and I always knew we eventually wanted to have kids, we weren’t prepared for the news to come so quickly; 2 months after our wedding and 1 day after we bought our first house. Admittedly, instead of celebrating and embracing what was to come, my initial reaction was to mourn the end of our twosome life. I was overwhelmed with the expectations and pressures of being a parent and nervous about how a child would affect our daily routine. But once the initial shock wore off and I acknowledged that it was okay, and even normal, to experience doubts and fears, my nerves calmed and now I’m smiling at the thought of Aaron and I being parents.

WEEK 20:

  • baby size: mango - (a boy mango!)
  • my size: +13 pounds - Goodbye size 2 but I’m not quite ready for maternity pants. I’m currently living in my true religion jeans and gap relaxed fit khakis.
  • my mood is: great! with the occasional (short-lived) burst of emotions.
  • my fitness level is: still the same - 4 mile run 3 times a week.
  • a few pros: clearer skin (first trimester was not pretty), sleeping like a rock and lots of steak on the grill (baby needs iron!)
  • a few cons: no complaints yet!
  • looking forward to: the second half of pregnancy.