Pregnancy - 32 Week Update

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Pregnancy 32 Week Update

Now that we are fully immersed in flu season, my main concern has been to stay healthy and avoid sick people. Aaron and I got our flu vaccines a few weeks ago and I got my Tdap booster last week.

Lately, we have set aside baby planning and have thrown ourselves into full nesting mode in order to get our home ready for Aaron’s parents first visit to our new house. There is something thrilling about showing our parents the home that we have created for ourselves. Maybe it stems from that desire as a child to make our parents proud or maybe it is simply wanting them to see that we’ve created a loving home, but either way the anticipation of their visit has motivated us to hang that last lingering picture and sew those final throw pillows.

WEEK 32:

  • baby size: bok choy
  • my size: +30.6 pounds. I have fully embraced and love the elastic waistband of maternity pants.
  • my mood is: great, although I’m also more easily triggered to tears during commercials, tv shows, the news, etc.
  • my fitness level is: mild but consistent. In an effort to enjoy the beautiful fall weather, I have started running (2-3 miles) again.
  • a few pros: still sleeping like a rock!
  • a few cons: occasional but mild heartburn (tums are wonderful!), smallest bladder ever!
  • exciting updates: we finished our baby classes and are feeling slightly more prepared to bring this baby home from the hospital.
  • looking forward to: the baby shower Melissa is throwing me this weekend!