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Pregnancy 34 Week Update

I recently entered the phase during pregnancy where the occasional stranger wants to share in your pregnancy excitement by touching your belly or sharing an unprompted recollection of their 9 months experience. As a fairly private person, this has been a strange and somewhat uncomfortable transition, but I’m learning to embrace the unexpected and go with the flow.

WEEK 34:

  • baby size: honeydew
  • my size: +31.5 pounds. I’m regularly cycling through 5 pairs of pants (3 maternity, 2 non-maternity), and embracing any top that is long enough to adequately cover my rapidly growing midsection.
  • my mood is: excited with brief moments of blinding fear when I think about the daunting task of labor that is only 6 short weeks away.
  • my fitness level is: mild. I have scaled back to running 1 mile 3 times a week. I must admit that given the Thanksgiving holiday, I missed my 10,000 step goal on a couple days.
  • a few pros: still sleeping like a rock, despite a very active baby kicking me throughout the night!
  • a few cons: regular heartburn, smallest bladder ever, and I’m reluctant to admit but a little bit of hip pain on my right side (nothing makes you feel older than saying out loud your hip hurts!). It is also noticeably more difficult to roll over when I’m laying down.
  • exciting updates: Melissa threw us the perfect baby shower. We received amazing baby gifts and are so thankful to have such loving friends and family!
  • looking forward to: seeing Jerry Seinfeld live at the Altria Theater next weekend!