Pregnancy - 36 Week Update

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Pregnancy 36 Week Update1

I’m happy to report that I’m 9 months in and we are finally in the home stretch. I’m trying to stay calm and not freak out but truthfully, I could have used a glass of wine this week. It’s not that anything bad or stressful happened, but I felt like a few days would have ended nicely with a relaxing cocktail on the couch. But most of all I’m focused on enjoying the last few weeks of Aaron and I being a family of two.

WEEK 36:

  • baby size: honeydew
  • my size: +33 pounds. I’m hoping my current maternity wardrobe is enough to last me the next 4 weeks.
  • my mood is: great!
  • my fitness level is: low. I’m back to swimming and a few x-box live workouts. I had a minor cold last week so I missed my 10,000 step goal a few days.
  • a few pros: still sleeping like a rock! I feel extremely lucky that I’ve made it this far into my pregnancy and still sleeping very soundly.
  • a few cons: regular heartburn and smallest bladder ever. The doctor confirmed today that the baby’s head is positioned downward which has added some (slightly painful) pressure to my pelvis.
  • exciting updates: We set up the crib and changing table and now the room is finally starting to feel like a nursery.
  • looking forward to: a relaxing and stress-free holiday with my husband!