DIY Pac-Man Nursery Mural

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Diy Pac Man Nursery Mural

Aaron and I had so much fun painting the Calvin and Hobbes mural in the nursery that we couldn’t resist painting one more. This time we chose a much simpler Pac-Man image. We recognize that Pac-Man is seconds away from Game Over since he is heading toward the ghosts but aesthetically I preferred this orientation.

Paint. We used the leftover paint samples from the Calvin and Hobbes mural.

  • Paint: Home Depot BEHR Premium Plus Ultra, Flat/Matte paint samples ($2.94 each)
    • Outline and other black areas: Black Suede (S-H-790)
    • Pac-Man: Citrus Splash (S-G-370)
    • Pinky: Mixed Clamshell (260E-2) with a dab of Antique Red (S-H-190)
    • Inky: Azurean (530B-5)
    • Clyde: Amber Glow (280B-6)
    • Blinky:  Antique Red (S-H-190)


  • Downloaded high quality images of Pac-Man and a ghost. Sized the images to be 7.5” tall and printed on cardstock. Cut the images out. Note: The thickness of the cardstock makes tracing the images onto the wall much easier.
  • Measured the space I wanted the mural to span and calculated the distance between Pac-Man, 3 small squares (1”×1”) and 4 ghosts.
  • Lightly traced the cardstock cutouts onto the wall with pencil. Note: Trace very lightly because the paint does not fully cover the pencil markings.
  • Ghosts: Painted the eyes first then the body. Did a second coat of paint on the body of each ghost because some pencil markings were still visible after one coat.
  • Pac-Man: Painted 2 coats of yellow. Used black paint to outline the body to make Pac-Man more visible.

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