Max at 1 Month

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Max At 1 Month

After a month of barely leaving the house, Aaron and I are finally starting to adapt to our routine with Max. Some of the best advice we received about the first few weeks with our newborn was to cherish as much as of it as possible and remember that the sleepless nights are temporary. With that in mind, Aaron and I have done our best to document each day and laugh about the things that make this time so trying and special.

Max stats

  • Weight: 10.8 lbs
  • Height: 23”
  • Head circumference: 15.5”

Most memorable moment

  • When Max was 13 days old he projectile pooped all over the wall. While Aaron and I frantically cleaned the mess, Max remained happy as a clam. Getting rid of the stain required two coats of primer before we could repaint.

Things we think Max likes

  • When Aaron carries him and runs up the stairs.
  • Vitamin D drops—-We were prepared for Max to hate the vitamin D drops but to our surprise he latches on to the syringe and seems reluctant to let go.

Things we are pretty sure Max doesn’t like

  • Sponge baths
  • Being cold
  • Changing clothes


  • Jan. 23, 2015 - Lifted head during tummy time; now he can hold it up for several seconds
  • Feb. 2, 2015 - Umbilical cord fell off
  • Feb. 9, 2014 - First non-sponge bath
  • Feb. 16, 2015 - First bottle