Stitch fix review #2

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Stitch Fix Review 2 1

Stitch Fix Review 2 2

My latest shipment from Stitch Fix just arrived and I’m so excited to share the five pieces in my box. It has been a while since I could wear most of the items in my closet so this package was extra special. If you haven’t heard about Stitch Fix then check out my first Stitch Fix post.

  1. Market & Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top, M ($48) - Has a casual quality and is loose without feeling too baggy.
  2. Renee C Jordie Ikat Print Maxi Skirt, S ($58) - At first glance I dismissed this skirt as something I would never wear. But upon trying it on, the fabric felt super luxe and could easily be worn with a plain colored tee and flats. This skirt is an example of how Stitch Fix can introduce items you never knew you could love.
  3. Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee, M ($44) - I’m always on the look out for the perfect t-shirt and this one came close in terms of fit, length and comfort. The shirt features a weathered look with almost geometric patterning in the texture. It offers a relaxed feel without being sloppy. I liked everything except the color.
  4. Brixon Ivy Nala Crew New Blouse, M ($64) - The sheerness of the blouse was flattering and feminine, but it is outside my taste preference so I sent it back.
  5. Collective Concepts Cynthia Graphic Print Mixed Material Top, M ($58) - I love the infusion of a bold graphic print on this otherwise plain top. The overall tone of the shirt is fun and casual.