Pantry Organization

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Pantry Organization1

This past weekend I finally got around to organizing our pantry! I’m not a particularly organized person so it took a lot of rearranging before I settled on a configuration that made sense. I grouped similar foods into labeled black baskets for a clean, streamlined look. They contain all the general categories, so when we go to the grocery store it will be easy to sort the food and maintain the organization.

Pantry Organization2

Breakfast is probably our favorite and most consistent meal, so I made sure breakfast related foods were front and center. Instant oatmeal packets and bagels are in one basket. Cereal and coffee filters are designated to a tray to create a unified location.

Pantry Organization3

I used to have canned foods scattered everywhere. Now I keep them all on this awesome 3 tiered expand-a-shelf so all labels are visible.

At the top of the pantry, I store bulk items such as napkins, paper towels and toilet paper.

I love opening the pantry and knowing where everything is!

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