In Our World

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In Our World

Have you ever wondered what your parents were like when you were born? There are some days I can barely even remember what Aaron and I did before Max, and he is only 8 months old! Inevitably there will be a day when he will look at us and say, “I can’t believe you were using a ____ (fill in technology)!”. Here is a glimpse of the gadgets, apps, tv shows, movies and podcasts we were into in January 2015.

  • Phones - iPhone 5S: I still remember watching the Apple keynote when touchID was announced. Aaron and I were so excited for the 5S that we woke up at 3 am to pre-order our devices, which was a good thing since the phones were backordered for several weeks (full disclosure - we have woken up to pre-order all our phones!). Since January, we have upgraded to the iPhone 6S and Zite no longer exists

  • Podcasts - We were addicted to the podcast Serial hosted by Sarah Koenig. Sarah spent each week delving into evidence of a 15 year old murder case in an effort to find out if Adnan (currently serving a life sentence) really killed his high school girlfriend. Discovering this podcast made our compute to and from work go by so quickly.

  • TV shows:

    • Parenthood - Aaron and I love Parenthood. It’s the only show where there is an equal chance that one of us with shred some tears. Since January, Parenthood has had it’s series finale.
    • Game of Thrones - We started watching Game of Thrones when Ashley, Aaron’s sister, pitched it to us as a sexy Lord of the Rings. And it is!
    • Downton Abbey - Although Downton Abbey is the polar opposite of Game of Thrones, we love the subtly and British humor.
    • The Missing - It felt a little strange that we were watching a show about a child abduction while I was pregnant with our first child, but the show is so captivating and the characters have so much depth that it is hard to pass up.