Stitch Fix Review #6

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Stitch fix 6-1

My 6th Stitch Fix box just arrived and it’s the best one yet! Although my style isn’t usually governed by trends, I asked my Stylist to send me a few trendier fall pieces (aka anything plaid!). And she didn’t disappoint.

If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s an online personal styling service and the easiest way to add fun and unique new pieces to your wardrobe from the comfort of your home! Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a Stitch Fix account
  2. Fill out the style profile

    This is the place to decide how you want Stitch Fix to fit into your life, and closet. For me, my go to clothing palette has always been white, black and shades of gray so I took advantage of some of the more bold/patterned options. I wasn’t looking for the essentials, but rather a few unique tops that I could mix into my wardrobe.

  3. Pay the $20 styling fee and schedule your first delivery

    The $20 styling fee will be applied as credit towards any items you purchase and if you buy all 5 items you will get 25% off the entire purchase.

    Each Stitch Fix box contains 5 items, this can range from accessories, shoes to clothing depending on what you specified in your style profile. Buy what you want and use the prepaid envelope to return the rest.

  4. Review the contents of your Stitch Fix box online

    This feedback will help tailor the items in your next Stitch Fix box.

To get the most out of your Stitch Fix experience, the company encourages you to link a Pinterest board to your account so your Stylist can get a sense for your fashion inspiration. I have carefully cleaned and curated my Pinterest board to reflect my style and since then my Stitch Fix boxes have been much more aligned with my taste.

Here are the contents of my latest Stitch Fix box:

  1. THML Pierina Textured Colorblock Peacoat, S ($108) - Most of the coats I own are simple and neutral, which makes it easier to match any outfit. But I like the idea of having a few fun options to occasionally mix things up. I always love the combination of gray and black and I love the grid-like texture of this peacoat. This cut is flattering and feminine. It’s the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe. THML Pierina Textured Colorblock Peacoat

    THML Pierina Textured Colorblock Peacoat

  2. RD Style Shiloe Tuxedo Stripe Skinny Pant, S ($68) - I typically prefer straight legged jeans but the current trend of high-waitsted skinnies was appealing so I asked my Stylist to send a pair. I like their versatility: they work with a casual tee during the day or a fitted top and heels for date night. Unfortunately, they were too small and seriously unflattering—hence no picture.

  3. MARKET & SPRUCE Acosta Button Down Top, S ($64) - I love mixing plaid and stripes—it’s that crisp pairing of patterns that makes this top stand out. The material has some structure so it avoids looking sloppy. It’s a great look that I’ll enjoy wearing now that the weather is getting chilly. MARKET & SPRUCE Acosta Button Down Top

    MARKET & SPRUCE Acosta Button Down Top

  4. RD STYLE Angus Split Back Mixed Material Sweater, S ($68) - Just about every woman I know owns a classic black sweater, but this sweater by RD Style has a lot of little details that makes it feel extra special. I love the subtle black elbow patches but my favorite details are on the back. An open back top always makes me feel dressed up without being overly formal. This one closes with 3 small buttons on the lower back and flares at the bottom. As a bonus the well positioned cut makes any butt look good! RD STYLE Angus Split Back Mixed Material Sweater

    RD STYLE Angus Split Back Mixed Material Sweater

    RD STYLE Angus Split Back Mixed Material Sweater

  5. MARKET & SPRUCE Xander Short Sleeve Woven Back Sweatshirt, S ($54) - I wear sweatshirts so often that I was thrilled to get an option that doesn’t look quite so sporty (aka sloppy). This top has the comfy sweatshirt appeal on the front paired with sophisticated pink detailing on the back. It’s incredibly soft and, while I love the overall casual vibe, when paired with tailored pants, it’s also work appropriate and sophisticated. Basically, this is the perfect dressy-meets-casual top. MARKET & SPRUCE Xander Short Sleeve Woven Back Sweatshirt

    MARKET & SPRUCE Xander Short Sleeve Woven Back Sweatshirt

If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, sign up!