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Wall Control Pegboard Organization

I love having an area dedicated to doing crafts, so you’d think my space would be meticulously organized. Not exactly. I dump ribbon, fabric scraps, and knick knacks into various unlabeled bins, which means I can never find what I need and am constantly left with a giant mess. I’m not the neatest person by nature, so if I leave things unattended for too long, things end up cluttered and chaotic. The last couple months I finally got around to getting my craft space in order. I now have a beautifully organized pegboard that displays all the crafting essentials in a way that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. For me, nothing inspires creativity more than a well organized area. Here’s a glimpse of my space along with a few simple tips.

I started by hanging 4 pegboard panels. I love the look of the metal panels from Wall Control. They are slightly more expensive than standard pegboard from Home Depot, but the end look is polished and clean.

Wall Control Metal Pegboards

I used to have a massive bin (or two) with ribbon loosely floating around. I now display them on a dowel organized by color. The dowel is set on 2 x long reach slotted pegboard hooks so it is easy to add or remove ribbon spools.

Ribbon organization

I use U-shaped slotted hooks to hang wrapping paper. This allows the paper to be nicely displayed but is also easy to access when needed (I usually wrap with brown kraft paper, so not the prettiest).

I struggled with where to put all my crafting knick knacks that couldn’t easily be hung up. Now buttons/clasps/snaps have a home in one 16 drawer cabinet with labels for easy identification.

16 drawer cabinet

My favorite new addition is the thread rack that allows me to display the thread so I can easily find the color I’m looking for.

Thread organizer

Since this room doubles as a guest room we wanted to create desk space that could be functional and versatible without being obtrusive. The wall mounted BJURSTA drop-leaf tables from IKEA were exactly what we were looking for. When extended they are sturdy enough to support a sewing machine and deep enough to comfortably type on a laptop.

Sewing machine folding table

I still keep a random mash-up of items in my craft closet, but I’ll leave that for another day.

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