Relaxing On Demand with Delivery Kneaded

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Relaxing On Demand With Delivery Kneaded - Promo Code BW20 for 20% off!

Being a full time working mom means I’m constantly looking for ways to be more efficient with my time. Whether by figuring out new ways to multitask or streamlining steps in my daily routine, it’s always great when I can save a couple minutes here and there. The bottom line is that my days of kicking back on the couch over a lazy weekend are a thing of the past. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Delivery Kneaded, an on-demand massage service that comes directly to your house!

Delivery Kneaded is the Greater Richmond Region’s only online, on-site, on-demand massage booking service. They make getting an amazing massage incredibly easy. The best part is you can instantly schedule online and pay (tip is built into the price) so you don’t have to fumble awkwardly with money after your massage.

I’m excited to offer this unique PROMO CODE BW20 for 20% off so book now!