Styles I’m Loving Now

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Spring 2016 styles I'm loving now

There are plenty of fashion trends that I have skipped out on (i.e., culottes, joggers) and others that took me a long time to jump on (pointy-toed shoes, skinny jeans). Lately I’ve started loving high waisted jeans, floral prints and jumpsuits even though I’d sworn them off a while back. Here’s a few styles that I love now.

  1. High-waisted pants. I’m pretty excited about the 70s resurgence of high waisted flared pants. It’s a style that is slimming on almost any silhouette. For a casual look, I usual opt for a tucked in shirt. I’m loving the Flea Market Flare jeans from Madewell. When paired with a 1.5” heel they are the perfect length (I’m 5’7”). I also love these less expensive alternative from H&M.

    Styles 2016 - High Waisted Flared pants

  2. Cross-body bag. Ashley gave me this one for Christmas and I love it. It forced me to pare back the junk I normally accumulate in my big tote bags and I love the soft brown leather and subtle embossed monogram.

    Styles 2016 - Cross body bags

  3. Rayban Wayfarer Sunglasses - Wayfarer’s look good on just about any face and offer an almost instant cool factor. With a round face I have a hard time finding shades that suit me, so these are my go-to frames. I love this tiffany blue version for a fun weekend look.

  4. Sperry Canvas Shoes - I pretty much live in slip on shoes for their ease and comfort. I recently bought these canvas sneakers and have been wearing them almost every day. They are comfortable and work with just about everything I own.

    Styles 2016 - Canvas shoes

  5. White Tee - A white t-shirt is more of a classic staple than a trend, but I love rocking a plain white t-shirt with jeans. But to get that effortless look, you need to find the perfect t-shirt fit (which is surprisingly hard to do!). I have tried my fair share of white tees and these are a few of my favorites: James Perse, J.crew, and Forever 21. I stumbled upon the Forever 21 option recently and I was surprised how much I love it. It’s soft, not too short and only $5.90!

  6. Jumpsuit - I’d been admiring this look for a while but hadn’t been bold enough to try it until recently. If I’m being honest, the main hold out was the idea of getting half undressed every time I needed to go to the bathroom. But now that I’ve gotten past that, I enjoy the simplicity of picking a one piece outfit to wear in the mornings. I love this casual one and this one and this slightly more dressy option. I’ve found that when shopping for jumpsuits, look for a pair that’s slim, but not tapered, in the legs because it’ll look more modern and feminine.

    Styles 2016 - Jumpsuits

What trends have you been loving this year?