Gear Up for Summer

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Gear Up for Summer via @stitchesandpress

Memorial Day signifies pool season, which means the unofficial start to summer isn’t far behind. To gear up for the long days lounging pool side, here’s what we’ve been stocking up on.

  1. Sunglasses – Over the years, I’ve grown to love playful sunglasses. Just as shoes and accessories have the ability to set the tone for a given outfit, the right sunglasses can also make the difference between a boring look and one that demands attention. While I gravitate towards the classic Ray Ban wayfarers, I also love colorful variations of this style in bright neon colors. At only $10 each, snag as many as you want. I’ve opted for similar styles for Max, picking up a neon green pair from H&M, but we haven’t mastered the art of getting him to keep them on his face yet. Any tips?

  2. Oversized outdoor blanket – This time of year there are so many fun summery things to do. Finding an oversized outdoor blanket is handy for that improptu picnic, outdoor festival or day at the pool. Whereas I used to solely gravitate towards neutral colors, I’m loving all the bright blankets I’m seeing this year. Here are a few options that I love: H&M, Modcloth, Target.

  3. Floats – With endless fun in the sun days on the horizon, a great float is a must have. Make sure you stock up on floats for the adults, the kids and even your drinks! I just love this donut drink holder float set. Since we never got around to signing Max up for swim lessons, most of his pool days will probably be spent in this float and this one that we just bought for him.

  4. Hats – I have strong memories of my parents running after my sister and I as kids, trying to get us to wear a hat and/or put sunscreen on. Now that I have a little one Aaron and I find ourselves doing the exact same thing. While we have tried many hat options, the Yankees baseball hat that Pops and Bebe got Max is his favorite. Other options we like are this one from Zappos with a 2.75″ brim, this one from Burberry (okay, way too expensive, but so cute!) and this adorable plaid one from Janie and Jack.

  5. Sandals – When it comes to summer, there’s nothing that I love more than a pair of flip flops that I can wear on a daily basis. For Max we love a style with a little more heel support like these Keens. They are sturdy enough that he can run around yet easy to quickly get on and off.

  6. Swim Diapers – The first time Aaron and I took Max to the pool last year we had no idea we needed to use swim diapers! We had never heard of swim diapers so we naively plunked Max in the pool with his usual diaper. After about 30 minutes Max’s diaper had ballooned to a comically large size and nearly weighed his swim trunks down when we lifted him out of the water. It didn’t take long for a near by parent to inform us of our mistake and tell us she had made the same mistake years earlier.

  7. Sunscreen – Aside from clipping Max’s nails, putting sunscreen on him is one of Aaron and I’s least favorite task. On a constant lookout for products to make the task easier, we recently tried a sunscreen stick. While in theory a good idea, we found it very difficult to evenly apply the stick across Max’s face. We have also tried a sunscreen spray, which we like, but it can not be applied to the face. In the end, we have opted for the traditional sunscreen lotion. I would love to know if anyone has tips for applying sunscreen to a toddler.

  8. Swimsuits – Shopping for a swimsuit post baby is a lot less fun than it used to be. Nowadays when I consider a swimsuit for myself, I factor in whether it can be easily pulled down and whether I can squat down in it. As such, there are certain styles that I favor. The classic one piece is a must have and J. Crew has some of my favorite styles. If I’m opting for a bikini, I love the trend of high-waisted bottoms paired with a simple halter top such as this. It’s slimming and more conservative than the traditional bikini. Another option I’ve also loved lately is a rash guard with bikini bottoms such as this. Admittedly it felt a little silly at first because rashguards are for surfers, but the style is comfortable and easy with a kid. I recently posted about adorable swim options for little boys here.

  9. Toys - Whenever we leave the house with Max we make sure to have a couple toys on hand. Though he can find entertainment in just about anything, he has a particular love for cups. For pool days we keep an assortment of boats, watering cans and sifting cups.

What else do you need for a day at the pool?