Favorite Wall Decor for Kids’ Rooms

2 minute read

The pictures on the walls can have a major impact on setting the tone of a room. Establishing a kid friendly space can be tricky because you want the space to be able to evolve over time as your child gets older, which means finding budget friendly pieces that can be easily swapped out. After reading this nursery decor post over at Hellobee, I was inspired by the way she framed calendar pages as wall art. The end result was so sweet and perfect for the space. Here are a couple of fun wall ideas I’ve found over the years.

PRINTS - I love coming across great prints. With pinterest and Etsy there is an endless collection of fantastic wall decor at every price point. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Aerial Bold Posters - This genius idea was initiated as a kickstarter project where one guy crowd sourced people to submit aerial shots of letters from around the world. The result is a unique accumulation of letters that can be purchased for print.

    Favorite Kid Themed Wall Decor - Alphabet from the Sky via @stitchesandpress

  • An Array of Animal Tracks: Actual Size! $35 - This is one of my favorites and such a neat way for kids to compare life size paw prints of different animals. Pop Chart Lab is a hip company based in New York with the modest goal to render all of human experience in chart form. They offer infographic art for all ages, with a designated section called Data tots designed especially for kids.

    Favorite Kid Themed Wall Decor - An Array of Animal Tracks: Actual Size! via @stitchesandpress

  • Big Builders and Other Mighty Machines $29 - This is another great print from Pop Chart Lab. If your child loves trains and construction vehicles as much as mine, then this is a great option.

    Favorite Kid Themed Wall Decor - Big Builders and Other Mighty Machines via @stitchesandpress

  • Puff Poster $115 I love this print

    Favorite Kid Themed Wall Decor - Puff Poster via @stitchesandpress

  • Construction Crane $45

    Favorite Kid Themed Wall Decor - Construction Crane via @stitchesandpress

  • Alphabet of Typography - This is another favorite from Pop Chart Labs. I love the beauty and design of the typography in this print.

    Favorite Kid Themed Wall Decor - Construction Crane via @stitchesandpress

WRAPPING PAPER - I always have cute cards and wrapping paper on hand so I’m never caught off guard for special occasions. Since I’ve made it a habit to pop into any card/paper shop I come across, I’ve also accumulated quite a collection of cool wrapping paper sheets. I got the idea to frame the sheets when I found a bunch of vintage looking subway map and had a lot of wall to fill. The best part is how inexpensive this option is.

WALL DECALS - I love the variety of removable wallpaper and decals available. Before M was born we found these awesome 8 bit space invader decals from Ikea. We happened to see them in the store when someone in front of us was checking out. I have never seen them on Ikea’s website, so next time you are in Ikea keep an eye out for them.

What are some of your favorite kid themed wall decor ideas?