Holiday Gift Guide and a $1000 Giveaway!

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With Thanksgiving behind us, I’m officially celebrating the countdown to Christmas/Hanukkah. That means finalizing my gift list, dusting off the holiday decor and breaking out the gift wrapping station. Here is my list of gift ideas that covers everyone from the tech enthusiast to the DIYer and everyone in between! As a bonus, I’ve teamed up with 25 other bloggers for a $1000 giveaway (scroll to the bottom for details)! Happy shopping!

1. Stendig Calendar.

Thanks to technology, most of the things I used to see as necessities, like day planners and notebooks are now obsolete. But one thing I still like to have is this bold, oversized calendar by Massimo Vignelli. It’s featured in MoMA’s collection and endures as a powerful example of excellence in graphic design. I’ve given this as a gift several times and it is always loved by the recipient. It’s sophisticated and simple and looks fantastic in any room (I’ve displayed this calendar since 2007 in 3 different homes and multiple rooms). And as a bonus, it doubles as really cool wrapping paper.

Holiday Gift Guide - Stendig Calendar

2. UGG Buffalo Check Wool Throw

When in doubt, a throw is always a great gift and you won’t find a softer one than this.

Holiday Gift Guide - UGG Buffalo Check Wool Throw

3. Muji

I’d read about Muji, the minimalist Japanese retail store, but only got around to visiting when I was in San Francisco earlier this year. The store was simple and sophisticated and basically how I want everything in my life to look. From their minimalist toothbrush holder to their large white bowls and their beautiful notebooks to their line of simple cleaning products, it’s easy to fill a checkout basket with a bunch of items you didn’t know you needed. Luckily many of the Muji products are available on Amazon with 2 day prime shipping. A couple of my favorite items are this desk broom set, this toothbrush stand for guests, these simple cotton dish towels, extra-find ball point pens (available in assorted colors) and this well-fitted neck cushion (great for traveling).

Holiday Gift Guide - Muji
Holiday Gift Guide - Muji

4. Amazon Echo

The gift of home automation with Alexa. The Echo is Amazon’s bluetooth speaker that let’s you access their Alexa Voice Service. You can ask it about the weather or request the latest news updates from NPR, which is cool, but it also let’s you control your smart home gadgets and that’s my favorite part because the commands are simple and it works seamlessly. (Here’s a detailed post about how we use the Amazon Echo) Alternatively, the smaller Amazon Dot is also a great gift. It has the same basic functionality as the Echo with a smaller built-in speaker but can connect to any other speaker over bluetooth. We recently bought one for our bathroom and it’s the perfect size to discretely hide on the bathroom shelf. Snag these quickly because Amazon is currently offering amazing deals on both these items!

Holiday Gift Guide - Amazon Echo
Holiday Gift Guide - Amazon Dot

5. Audible

The gift of making mundane chores a little more fun. You can always tell if Aaron or I is listening to a really good audio book because our house will be spotless and there won’t be a single unlaundered item in sight. With hectic lives we don’t always have the luxury of spending hours curled up with a good books, that’s why an audible gift subscription is an amazing gift for the busy people in your life. Elevate your gift by pairing it with these Bose noise cancelling headphones. I borrowed these from my father in-law for a trip and was blown away by the sound quality and noise cancelling ability.

Holiday Gift Guide - Audible Subscription
Holiday Gift Guide - Bose Noise Cancelling Headset

6. Logitech harmony universal remote

This has been one of the most successful gifts I’ve ever given my parents. With the increasing number of media streaming devices, it is easy to amass a heap of remotes. The Logitech universal remote is awesome because it is easy to set up, easy to use and very reliable. If you already have this remote and are looking to upgrade, Aaron and I have this Logitech remote and we absolutely love it. It has an upgraded touch screen and a slightly sleeker design. And if you are in a really giving mood, pair the remote with a Roku or Apple TV.

Holiday Gift Guide - Logitech Universal Remote
Holiday Gift Guide - Media Streaming Devices

7. Chemex

A good cup of coffee is a luxury everyone deserves. The Chemex coffeemaker is a timeless one-piece hourglass design that has remained unchanged for more than 70 years. It consistently brews a delicious, high quality cup of coffee. Not to mention this vessel is a work of art that you won’t mind sitting on your kitchen counter. Pair the Chemex with a coffee delivery subscription such as Blue Bottle Coffee and your coffee lover friend is sure to love it.

Holiday Gift Guide - Chemex Coffeemaker
Holiday Gift Guide - Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

8. Bluelounge Cableyoyo

Being married to a tech geek has elevated my cable management game in a major way. Aaron and I have gone to great length to hide and organize all cables in our home - including running cables from our living room down to the crawl space, up through the kitchen wall and into the ceiling. Among the products we love, include the cord management product line from Bluelounge. The company offers elegantly designed solutions for simple problems. One of our favorite items is this newly redesigned Cableyoyo for earbud storage. It’s the perfect gift idea for anyone who casually throws earbuds in their purse (ahem…me), and then spends a lot of time later trying to untangle them.

Holiday Gift Guide - Bluelounge Cableyoyo for earbud storage

9. Parker Thatch Personalized Tote

A high quality tote is a utilitarian item that every person needs. Parker thatch has perfected the tote and offers a line of personalized products. My favorite is the large monogrammed makeup bag. Pair this gift with a Birchbox beauty subscription. If you aren’t familiar with Birchbox, it is a monthly subscription of personalized beauty, grooming and lifestyle samples, delivered to your front door. Birchbox will send you 5 samples tailored to your profile for $10 a month. It is a great and inexpensive way to explore different brands and products - if you like that sort of thing.

Holiday Gift Guide - Parker Thatch Personalized Make-up Bag
Holiday Gift Guide - Birchbox Subscription

10. Stella and Dot

This is a shout out to my sister (hi Diana!) who recently signed up to be a Stella & Dot stylist. Growing up my sister was never the fashion obsessed teenager that I was. She was shy and reserved and admittedly it took a while for her to grow into her element. That’s why I was so proud of her when she told me she was taking on this new adventure as a way to promote a product line she loves and meet new people. I love that she stepped outside her comfort zone and tried something she never would have tried a couple years ago. Not only that, but she is having so much fun! Stella and Dot offers tons of great gift ideas and as bonus you are supporting small businesses!

Holiday Gift Guide - Stella and Dot

11. Socks

Socks are not only a practical gift but also style conscious one. Lately I’ve been noticing a major trend happening involving socks worn with heels, booties and slides, where the socks are made to be seen. Whether you like the look or not, the trend has given rise to a ton of fun, patterned socks available in stores. Pick up a pair of two (for her, for him) and pair them with these cozy slippers for a perfect winter themed gift.

Holiday Gift Guide - Socks for her
Holiday Gift Guide - Socks for him

Holiday Gift Guide - Best Slippers

12. Contour Key Rings -

I snagged this cool key ring at a boutique in Richmond. I love how it strikes the balance between edgy and chic. The weight feels substantial without feeling too heavy or cheap. It’s also available on Amazon for a slightly higher price, but free shipping. It’s a simple gift with a major cool factor.

Holiday Gift Guide - Contour Key Ring
Holiday Gift Guide - Contour Key Rings

13. uBiome kit

Everyone has a list of people that are perpetually hard to shop for. Whether they already have every thing, are incredibly picky, or have no easy hobby to shop for, a uBiome kit is a great and unique gift idea for the inquisitive mind. The kit requires you to collect a stool sample (don’t worry, it’s not gross!) then send it back to the company. They will then sequence the bacteria that was in your sample and provide you the data within a few weeks. The data is presented in a user friendly manner and shows how your profile compares against their database of participants. You can read about my gut bacteria here. It’s fun to compare your profile against your family and friends! Use this link to get 15% off your purchase ubiome participant interface.

14. Champagne Gummy Bears

These magical concoctions by Sugarfina are the ideal treat to delight your friends. Box these champagne infused gummy bears with a bottle of your favorite sparkling wine and you have a hostess gift that everyone will remember.

Holiday Gift Guide - Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears
Holiday Gift Guide - Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears

15. DIY Indigo Tie Dye kit

Nothing is more satisfying than a successful DIY project, which is why this Indigo Tie Dye kit is the ideal gift for your maker friend. The instructions are straightforward yet the possibilities are endless. Pair the kit with these beautiful white cotton napkins and your friend will have everything he/she needs to elevate their tabletop. (photo from Top Banana Market)

Holiday Gift Guide - DIY Indigo Tie Dye Kit
Holiday Gift Guide - White Cotton Napkins

Holiday Gift Guide - DIY Indigo Tie Dye Kit

16. Stitch Fix Gift Card

While it’s natural to think of Stitch Fix as a clothing company they are actually a really hip tech company. They use a combination of innovative predictive algorithms and human curation to bring each customer a specific experience. No two Stitch Fix boxes are the same. Whether you are looking for a holiday party dress or you are just looking for a new item to dazzle you, Stitch Fix stylists listen to your requests and consistently recommend thoughtful pieces.

It’s no secret that I love Stitch Fix (check out my Stitch Fix reviews here). Whether you love to shop or not, Stitch Fix is a great way to explore current trends and get updated style tips tailored to you. The company recently expanded to include Stitch Fix for Men making a Stitch Fix gift card the perfect gift for the guy or gal in your life. Now for the best part, I’ve teamed up with 25 other amazing bloggers to host a $1000 Stitch Fix gift card giveaway! Click on the widget below to enter. Good luck!

Holiday Gift Guide - Stitch Fix Gift Card

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