Stocking Stuffers for Everyone!

2 minute read

I equate stockings with getting a bonus snack from the vending machine, or hitting every green light on the way to work - they are little extras that bring an added thrill. From games to test your smartphone skills to $10 virtual reality headsets, here is my list of fun and practical stocking stuffers that everyone will love!

1. Game of phones

Find out how your smartphone skills compare to your friends with this clever game of phones card deck.

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - Game of Phones.

2. Package opening tool

We constantly reach for this simple package opening tool. It has a small retractable razor on the side that is especially useful when all those Amazon boxes arrive at your door.

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - Best package opening tool

3. Google’s VR cardboard headset

Experience virtual reality with Google’s VR cardboard headset. Even if you are only mildly curious about VR, the price tag on this item is low enough to tempt even the most novice tech user. You simply load a VR video on your phone and view it through the cardboard headset. It’s a very cool experience.

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - Google VR Cardboard Headset

4. Goo Gone pens

Easily wipe away sticker residue with these grab and go Goo Gone pens!

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - Goo Gone Pens

5. Storm trooper socks

The cutest Star Wars storm trooper socks to warm your feet!

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - Storm Trooper Socks

6. Magnetic wristband

A magnetic wristband guarantees you don’t lose any of those teensy tiny screws when you assembly all toys your child got for Christmas/ Hanukkah.

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - Magnetic wristband

7. Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos for the little ones (or big ones too!)

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - Temporary Tattoos

8. Cable organizer

The best cable organizer that you can easily throw in your purse or bag. It holds all the cables you need in a flat case that doesn’t create bulk in your bag. Aaron and I both carry one and love them. Oh and if you are in the habit of carrying around an HDMI cable, this ultra thin one is great!

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - Cable Organizer

9. Mitten clip

Make sure your little one doesn’t lose their mittens with these mitten clips.

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - Mitten clips

10. Computer brush

Keep your electronics tidy with this sleek computer brush. The lighter color bristles sweep dust from the screen without generating static electricity, while the shorter bristles easily brush between keys.

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone Koromiko computer brush

11. Oven glove

The only oven glove you need. It is brilliant that an oven glove is an actual glove rather than a mitten. It broadly fits most people and is so much easier to maneuver in than a simple oven mitt.

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - Oven glove

12. Headphone splitter

If you plan on traveling this holiday season, a headphone splitter is a very useful item. When Max is napping on the plane, Aaron and I can easily watch a movie together with this headphone splitter. Just a heads up, we’ve tried many of these, and they are not all created equally, but this one is the best we’ve used.

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - Headphone splitter

13. Adjustable iPad stand

This is the best adjustable iPad stand. Whether you are reading the news, watching a video or trying to find the best angle for your Facetime call, this sturdy iPad stand easily locks in to your desired angle without any slippage. It also easily folds up so you can pack it to go.

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone - iPad stand

14. All-in-one screen cleaner

Keep your screens clean with this travel size microfiber screen cleaner. The microfiber is built around the sides so it’s easy to spray and wipe.

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone All-in-one screen cleaner