Year Round Gestures of Love

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Year Round Gestures of Love.

Valentine’s day always manages to sneak up on me. Maybe it’s because it falls so close to the Holiday season when I’m still detoxing from all the excitement or maybe it’s because I very generously treat myself to candy and chocolate year round. Either way, last year I shared 3 random things I love about my husband so this year, in the spirit of the occasion, I’m sharing a few year round gestures Aaron does that speak louder than words.

  1. He keeps a hidden stash of “bad mood Reese’s”.

    They are exactly what you think. For those days when I hit every red light on the drive home, reached in my pocket to find a mash up of raisins and crushed up cheerios (#toddlermomlife), chose the slowest line at the grocery store checkout or my toddler decided to rub spaghetti sauce all over himself on a non-bath night. Luckily, I don’t require the “bad mood Reese’s” too often, but they always manage to make me smile when they appear.

  2. My computer/devices are always up to date.

  3. He provides 24h tech support to my parents and always makes time to do it.

  4. He signs me up for every beta software list that he thinks I’ll be interested (and occasionally ones I might not be).

  5. He always let’s me choose the show/movie we watch.

  6. He downloads audio books he thinks I’ll like whenever I have a long car ride or experiment to do in lab.

  7. He regularly washes my car.

  8. He doesn’t get mad when I accidentally do this:

    Year Round Gestures of Love.