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20 Week Pregnancy Update and Gender Reveal

If you missed this post, we have exciting news arriving later this year!

Now that I’m starting to show, we’ve been making an effort to talk to Max about having a sibling and what it means to be a big brother. I still don’t think he has grasped the idea but occasionally he will surprise us and say “I’ll share my trains with baby”. Then again, other days he will tell us there is a baby in his belly. Before we found out the gender, he even told us that if it’s a baby boy he wants to name him NASA, and if it’s a girl he wants to name her Mater (from Cars). Fortunately for Max, since we have no other names in mind, his picks are at the top of the list.

At the last minute Aaron ended up having a work related trip so I went to the ultrasound by myself. We agreed that the ultrasound technician would write the gender in an envelope, seal it and Aaron and I would open it together. I’m pretty sure that Aaron was only 50% certain that I didn’t peak. Between you and me, I really really wanted to, but I promise I did not. We actually waited 2 days before opening the envelope. Strangely we were both extremely eager yet nervous to find out. Without knowing, we could still entertain the idea of having another little boy or having a little girl. We decided not to have a big gender reveal Skype call with our families, instead we showed Max how to recognize “boy” or “girl”, then we let him open the envelope and tell us what it said. As Max’s parents, we obviously think he is a genius, but deep inside I knew that whatever he said only had a 50/50 chance of being correct. He said “girl”…

20 Week Pregnancy Update and Gender Reveal

20 Week Updates

20 Week Pregnancy Update and Gender Reveal

my size:

+19 pounds - I’m feeling every bit of that 19 pounds. I’ve completely switched to maternity clothes and have started telling my friends and co-workers about my pregnancy. It’s getting hot around here and I can no longer hide my emerging pregnancy bump with loose sweatshirts and baggy tees. Since my first pregnancy took much longer to start showing, I didn’t buy a lot of maternity outfits. Right now I’m living in these maternity t-shirts and pants.

my mood is:

Much better now that the morning sickness has completely gone away. And so excited that we are having a little girl! I have bought 1 adorable headband and outfit, but have limited myself from going crazy on the adorable girl stuff. At least for now.

my fitness level is:

okay, but could be better. Aaron and I have started doing the 7 minute workout in addition to occasionally running. We figured that we have no excuse for not carving out 7 minutes a few times a week. But don’t be fooled, that 7 minute workout is harder than it sounds! By the end, Aaron and I are sweating and usually laying on the floor! On days when it isn’t too hot, we still enjoy taking Max on bike rides.

a few pros:

Similar to my first pregnancy, sleep has been fantastic and extremely restful. My cravings have also subsided and I’ve gone back to my normal eating habits.

a few cons:

I spoke too soon in my last update when I said my face hasn’t broken out. The last few weeks have been pretty rough and I’ve avoided looking in the mirror. The best is that now Max comes up really close to my face and says “mama has a boo boo”. I’m torn between how sweet and genuine his concern is with how embarrassing it is!

looking forward to:

Painting Max’s new room and getting his new bed set up.

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