16 new and wonderfully weird things you will do as a parent

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Aaron’s sister had her baby a few weeks ago (hi Brody!), and as we’ve been cooing over how sweet he is, it has also reminded me how much Max has grown up. Looking at Brody’s tiny fingers and toes-it’s almost impossible to believe Max was that tiny once. At this point, Aaron or I comment almost daily how quickly Max is growing and how much he is learning. One day, he’ll say a word or two to specify something he wants and the next he’ll say complete sentences. The other day he told us, “I want to eat all the cookies. I might like them.” To which we replied “obviously you will like them”. But what is equally as striking is how much we have learned and experienced since becoming parents. Here are 16 specific (and debatedly wonderful) things that I’m pretty sure you only get to do once you are a parent (correct me if I’m wrong!).

  1. Brush someone’s teeth against his will

  2. Use spit to wipe someone’s face (I swore I would never do this…broke that promise).

  3. Scoop someone else’s toenail clippings into your hand.

  4. Smell someone’s butt to see if they pooped.

  5. Eat a cookie in your closet.

  6. Let someone put stickers all over your body (including your face).

  7. Not get upset when someone sneezes in your mouth.

  8. Eat food that has been taken out of someone else’s mouth and lovingly put into yours.

  9. Eat a raisin you found in your pocket.

  10. Let someone roll a car on the bathroom floor while you are in there.

  11. Wipe someone’s nose with your hand/arm/sleeve.

  12. Blow on someone’s food while it’s enroute to their mouth.

  13. Catch someone’s spit up in your hand.

  14. Pretend to enjoy all vegetables.

  15. Cut up a single grape into 4 pieces.

  16. Let someone put food into your mouth that has touched the ground.

What are some of the new and wonderful things you have experienced since becoming a parent?

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