Zoe at 2 Months

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Zoe at 2 month.

This biggest change this past month is that I went back to work. The transition has been challenging as we figure out how to efficiently manage our morning and night time routines.

In some ways my post partum experience has been easier with Zoe. My initial recovery was quicker, but my body feels a longer ways from my prepregnant self than it did with Max. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little anxious about how soft my waistline feels and how foreign a concept exercising is right now.


No complaints. Most nights Zoe wakes up once or twice to nurse then falls right back to sleep. On nights she takes a little longer to get back to sleep I’m thankful for our Graco swing that has a vibrating chair. We plop her in with the vibration on high and she immediately nods off. It’s like magic. Fingers crossed she continues sleeping well!


She has become a much better eater this month. We struggled with weight the first month, but now she is nursing and taking bottles like a champion.


At this age there isn’t a whole lot of “doing”. She has started following sounds but doesn’t do it consistently. She is fussier than Max was at this age, and is only happy when she is being held or propped up on her feet. We started a new game where we prop her on her feet to “cheer” for Max as he races his cars around the house. Max loves it, Zoe loves it and our arms get a very good workout.

Latest Milestone

She has been working on her holding up her head and getting much better.

Zoe at 2 month.

Favorite thing about this age

My favorite thing about this age is when Zoe sleeps on my chest. It’s so sweet holding such a small baby against you. I’m trying to cherish those moments because I know how quickly they are gone.

Favorite baby item at this age

Definitely the baby bjorn carrier. We never used a carrier with Max, but with two kids it is a must have. I’m also loving all the adorable baby girl clothes and bows. Bebe spoiled Zoe for Hanukkah with some of the cutest items. I especially love the baby bling bows that come in the cutest patterns and actually stay on her head! The jury is still out on how Zoe feels about her new accessories, but this picture basically sums it up.

Zoe at 2 month.

Favorite toy

At this point she doesn’t have a favorite, but I figured this category would be fun to have as she gets older.

Here are some stats from Zoe’s second month. If you want to compare (which we do) check out Max’s second month here

Zoe stats

  • Weight: 10lbs 3oz (30th percentile)
  • Height: 22″ (30th percentile)
  • Head circumference: 15.25″ (60th percentile)

Memorable moments

  • The worst night this past month was when the motor on Zoe’s vibrating chair died at 11:30 pm. Zoe was screaming. Max was screaming. Aaron and I were sobbing quietly.
  • Nothing gets Max more excited for school than cookie day. On a recent cookie day, Max told us multiple times that we need to get a cookie for Zoe. At first Aaron and I were so touched over how thoughtful Max was for his baby sister. Then as soon as we got in the car Max announced, “Zoe can’t eat cookies. She doesn’t have any teeth. I can eat her cookie”. He had the biggest smile on his face, almost as if he planned the whole thing.
  • Bebe got Max and Zoe matching pajamas for Hanukkah. The cutest part was how thrilled Max was to be matching Zoe. We tried so hard to capture a cute picture, but of course Zoe spit up all over herself then Max spilled a latte all over his pants. #oneday
  • I spilled ice cream on Zoe’s head one night when she was sleeping in the baby bjorn carrier. In case you were wondering, it didn’t prevent me from finishing the bowl.

A few of our favorite pictures:

Zoe at 2 month.

Zoe at 2 month.

Zoe at 2 month.

Zoe at 2 month.

Zoe at 2 month.