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No one makes Zoe smile and giggle the way Max does, and with Zoe that’s not an easy thing to do. It warms my heart every time he tells me how much he loves his baby sister. Obviously every day isn’t that ideal, at least once a day Max comes running to us because “Zoe broke my  _____ toy.” But for those glimpses of sibling love, I’ll take it.


We lowered Zoe’s crib and a few days later we found her standing. It broke my heart to drop her crib, but Aaron ended that moment of sadness by saying, “let’s just have another”. If you could have seen my eyebrows.

In other news, our good sleeping streak is over. This month has been rough, and Aaron and I have had a few extremely exhausting days. Zoe still goes to bed easily. In fact, when we first put her down, she does this fully body stretch as if she is so happy to be in there then smiles and kicks her legs in excited anticipation. But now she wakes up once or twice throughout the night with a really angry, shrill cry. We are chalking it up to teeth, so hopefully it is temporary. In the mean time we have started putting toys in her crib to keep her entertained when she wakes up. We have caught her reading her indestructible books or playing with this crinkly rattle book a few times, The only good thing about her not sleeping well at night, is now she takes great naps on the weekend. #thatsawinIguess

Baby update 10 months


Zoe is a good eater. She doesn’t need airplane spoons or cutesy shenanigans, she wants her food on a direct route between the bowl and her mouth. The slightest pause causes Zoe to shriek in anger. She isn’t what we would call ‘easy going’. She loves trying to eat puffs. Poor girl still hasn’t mastered the pincer grasp and only manages to get a few in her mouth. Needless to say, a lot fall on the floor. The other day I picked one up and, without thinking, popped it in my mouth (I don’t know why), then I hear,

Mommy, stop eating off the floor. That’s disgusting.

And he was right. But it still doesn’t feel great to be shamed by a three year old.


Zoe has had a busy month. She has been Max’s kitchen assistant, wagon helper, lunch helper, train watcher, pool shark, grocery helper, super hero side kick and line leader in Max’s pretend class. These are all blank titles because he actually just wants Zoe to sit there and watch him play, clapping when appropriate (of course). But we love that he wants to include her, and we love it even more than she wants to be included.


  • Pulls herself up to a stand.

Zoe 10 month stats

(Max’s 10 month post here.)

  • Weight: 18.3 lbs (42%)
  • Height: 28.25″ (53%)
  • Head circumference: 18″ (86%)

A few more pics from the month