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Holy smokes, we bought a house! And on our first night water poured through the ceiling. I wish that was a joke, but according to our realtor (who was fantastic!) and inspector (also great!) it was an unprecedented storm combined with bad timing. We aren’t laughing. So instead of spending the week unpacking, we had a barrage of contractors, roofers, and flooring people come through the house. However, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t still manage to get a few smart home devices installed and set up!

The move

How was our cross town move compared to our interstate move? Much much worse. For one, we didn’t have professional movers to pack, load, and unload our stuff (yea, that was wonderful). Instead, Aaron and I rented a truck and hauled all the boxes from our townhouse and storage unit to the house. And it was pouring rain! But on the bright side, we got 20,000 steps each day. The last time that happened we didn’t have kids!

The neighborhood

We have met a few of our neighbors and they seem great. That says a lot because we are coming from a neighborhood that we loved with neighbors that we miss so much! But there are tons of kids here and Max has already started referring to several of them as “his friends”.

The house

The previous owners had impeccable taste and decorated the house beautifully. It will be a while before our house looks that nice but until then I can’t wait to post the DIY projects Aaron and I have planned! I’m so excited to take a blank slate and transform it into our home. Fingers crossed for no more epic rain storms.