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With the country reopening, I’m setting aside parenting guilt and taking an unedited look at our lives from the past 14 weeks.

Summary of the past 14 weeks

  • Number of Amazon purchases: 61

  • Number of minutes those Amazon purchases entertained the kids: 30

  • Number of seconds it takes Zoe to identify a Paw Patrol episode: <10

  • Amount spent on babysitters: $3,420

  • Amount still spent on daycare (even though the kids weren’t there): $5,555.25

  • Number of times I’ve said, Don’t put on your brother’s undies.”: more than zero

  • Number of times we watched Trolls World Tour: So many

  • Amount spent on liquor: priceless (well, actually $621.11). Mom, just kidding.

  • Pounds of gummy bears eaten: 13

  • Amount tipped to the amazing delivery workers: $430.83

  • Number of bike rides: lots!

  • Number of bike rides where we had to carry Zoe and/or her bike home: lots!

  • Pounds of Reese’s peanut butter cups eaten: 5

  • Number of times Max legit beat me at Mario Kart: 1

  • Number of hours it took to power wash the driveway: 11

  • Number of fitness competitions between Aaron and I: 8

  • Number of fitness competitions I won: 5

  • Number of home appliances that totally died: 2 (dishwasher and water heater)

  • Number of haircuts I gave Aaron that weren’t totally embarrassing: 1

  • Number of shapes Zoe calls a circle: all of them

  • Words Max can recognize: start, back, cancel, save, continue

Yet, despite the shit show, here are some of my fav pics captured among the chaos:


Coloring trees with chalk!

Cleaning his bike.

Neighborhood bunny!

Cutting leaves all day.

My little teenager?

The only inside place Max has been in 3 months!

Bike rides all day!

Treats! Treats! Treats!