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Zoe at 5 Months

2 minute read

Zoe is living her best life when she is simultaneously being bounced and walked. It’s not a pretty combination of actions, but when your baby requires both motions to stop crying you do it.

Zoe at 4 Months

2 minute read

This past month has been a busy one, Aaron was in San Diego for a week, Max had his 3rd birthday party and Zoe had her first road trip, which coincidently was also her last road trip (she screamed the entire time).

Zoe at 3 Months

2 minute read

Zoe cries a lot. She is only happy when she is either being walked around in the baby bjorn carrier, propped up on her feet or held in an incredibly specific position that is near impossible to maintain. I’m literally writing this post as I’m walking her around in the...

Zoe at 2 Months

3 minute read

This biggest change this past month is that I went back to work. The transition has been challenging as we figure out how to efficiently manage our morning and night time routines.