A Reflection in Rental

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In the eleven years I’ve been in Richmond, I’ve lived in four different apartments. There was the senior year off campus place in the west end I shared with my best friend, a less than charming spot that I will always have fond memories of. I moved out after graduation and spent some time in Chapel Hill. When I came back to Richmond a year later I was eager to have my own space, no matter the size. I found a tiny, but cozy, studio in the fan district that sat above a garage. Although the space was incredibly small, it had everything I needed. From there I moved to a one bedroom place in downtown Richmond, thrilled to be in walking distance to work, even though the walls were paper thin. Four years later Aaron and I moved in together.

Our current place has been home since Feb 2012. Recently it became clear that we had grown out of apartment living. It was almost sad to realize, since these past two years here have been wonderful. The memories created here have been some of my best. So here are a few glimpses of how we transformed our apartment into our home.


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