Wedding: Little Details

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We just got all of our wedding pictures back from our amazing photographer and it reminded me of some of the little details that made the day come together so perfectly. Perhaps the biggest nod to the day was the amazing weather. A couple always takes a risk when deciding to have an outdoor wedding - we won the lottery. The day was a perfect 70 degrees with clear blue skies and the flowers were in full bloom at Maymont. I had on pearls that my grandmother gave to my mom to wear on her wedding day and which my mom gave to me. Aaron’s mom came up with tons of little details that I love - champagne flutes with our wedding day etched in them, personalized napkins, minature bubbles (which contributed to some of my favorite pictures) and decorations for our car. The details played a huge role in transforming the day and creating a festive atmosphere.

Wedding Little Details1

Wedding Little Details2

Wedding Little Details3

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