Pregnancy - 24 Week Update

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Pregnancy 24 Week Update

I’m 24 weeks pregnant and just received our first baby onesie from Aaron’s sister! Over the last few weeks, as I’ve begun sharing my pregnancy news with others, I’ve learned that women love to talk to other women about being pregnant. But instead of being overwhelmed by the volume of information pouring my way, I’ve been so moved by friends opening up about their experiences and sharing tips that helped them get through the nine months. I’m so thankful and appreciative for the love and support surrounding Aaron and I.

WEEK 24:

  • baby size: eggplant
  • my size: +18.4 pounds - I’m currently living in my joey true religion jeans (size 27) and Gap true straight pants (size 2).
  • my mood is: great! I’ve starting feeling little flutters from the baby! One friend most accurately described the sensation as “it feels like you swallowed a gold fish and it is swimming around in your stomach”.
  • my fitness level is: more or less still the same, but it is getting more difficult (more than usual) to run. I’m still attempting a 3-4 mile run 3 times a week. On non running days I have started doing short 10-15 minute x-box dance central routines on exercise mode (of course with all windows and blinds closed since we weren’t all blessed with ability to dance in a non-embarrassing way!)
  • a few pros: sleeping like a rock!
  • a few cons: Although my face has significantly cleared up from the first trimester, I still have days where I wish wearing a face mask was a normal part of my job. This past week I’ve also started experiencing occasional leg cramps at night. I’ve also been feeling extremely tired and have almost permanently moved our bedtime to 9:30.
  • looking forward to: Aaron feeling the baby kick for the first time!