House in Progress: Painted Door

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As soon as Aaron finished painting the garage, it was obvious that the entrance door that opened into the kitchen needed a facelift as well. We wanted to choose a color that would brighten up the garage but not overwhelm the kitchen. We hung a few candidate paint swatches on the door for a week to get a sense for each color at different times of the day. Once we settled on a color we referred to the following blog post for excellent step by step instructions on how to paint doors the professional way.


  1. Decide on a paint color by hanging up a variety of paint samples.

House In Progress Painted Door1

  1. Paint a strip on your door to make sure the color dries the way you want it to.

House In Progress Painted Door2

  1. Remove the door from its hinges and take off the hardware. This is the most tedious part, but will create a cleaner finished product.

House In Progress Painted Door3

  1. Cover the door opening with plastic lining or trash bags.

House In Progress Painted Door4

  1. Paint the door. Make sure you allow for sufficient drying time before painting the other side.

House In Progress Painted Door5

  1. Put the door back on and enjoy!!

House In Progress Painted Door6

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