Pregnancy - 27 Week Update

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Pregnancy 27 Week Update

Up until now I have felt more awkward than pregnant. My boobs got huge, which is difficult to get used to, and my stomach looks like I’ve just had a meal of pizza and beer, not like I’m carrying a child. My form fitting clothes (T-shirts, non-stretch jeans, etc) all the sudden look slightly too small, though I am not quite ready to fully embrace maternity clothes. But by far my biggest savior has been my pregnancy pillow. As a stomach sleeper, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get a good night’s sleep once laying on my stomach became impossible. The pillow easily contorts to fit my body and I wake up feeling well rested with no back pain. It’s hard to think what I would do without it and I doubt I’ll ever get rid of it, even after the baby is born!

WEEK 27:

  • baby size: papaya
  • my size: +24 pounds - I’ve started living in my J. crew matchstick maternity pants (size 27). I ordered them one size larger than what I normally wear in the matchstick jean so I can (hopefully) wear them through the duration of my pregnancy. Other items that have been in constant rotation have been my Abercrombie & Fitch corduroys from high school. The ultra low waist line that was so trendy in the 90’s is also what makes them easy and comfortable to wear with my rapidly growing mid-section.
  • my mood is: generally up with a few more downs than usual. I realize that I feel less comfortable with my changing body than I would like, but fortunately I have an amazing husband who is incredibly supportive and loving.
  • my fitness level is: different. During week 25 I developed a throbbing near constant pain in my left foot after a 4 mile run. I took a few days off running and started padding my shoes with extra cushion support, but the pain never fully subsided. After a few google searches, I’ve self diagnosed my ailment as plantar fasciitis, a common running condition that can be attributed to rapid weight gain. We shifted our routine from running outside to using the elliptical machines at the gym but unfortunately I was still feeling a lot of uncomfortable pressure in my left foot. So my newest exercise routine now includes swimming laps.
  • a few pros: sleeping like a rock!
  • a few cons: can’t run anymore, constantly breathing like I just ran a mile even at rest, smallest bladder ever!
  • exciting updates: Aaron felt the baby kick for the first time on Octorber 4th, 2014!
  • looking forward to: showing enough so I can finally park in the “expecting mom” spots at the grocery store.