Pregnancy - 39 Week Update

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Pregnancy 39 Week Update1

Until recently, I was so focused on all of the changes to my body associated with pregnancy that I’ve barely thought about the labor/birth and the subsequent parenting responsibilities. For the most part, the most intimidating part of having a baby has been the actual pregnancy, although I have been extremely lucky and had minimal discomforts to complain about. When I found out I was pregnant back in June, January 20th seemed like years away and I had plenty of time to adjust and prepare for this life changing event. But now that it’s January 12th and I’m just over a week away, things feel like they’ve moved at lightening speed. But from what I’ve been told, there is only so much you can prepare for, after that everyone has a unique experience and the most important thing is to take it one stride at a time.

With just over a week left, we finally picked a name. My hospital bag is packed and we’re as ready as we can be to welcome Maxwell Robert Wolen to the world.

WEEK 39:

  • baby size: watermelon
  • my size: +37.2 pounds. My waist has expanded a full 12 inches!
  • my mood is: a little bit anxious.
  • my fitness level is: taking it easy. Now that I’m not focused on exercising and getting 10,000 steps a day, my hip feels completely better.
  • a few pros: still sleeping like a rock!
  • a few cons: a little bit of lower back soreness and I’m finally starting to feel the extra strain on my pelvis.
  • exciting updates: Aaron and I installed the carseat and picked a name! I have to admit that the task of picking a name was much more daunting than we expected but we came across this fun blog post by Nate Silver that analyzes the distribution of names across ages (please note that Bernice is listed among the oldest female names).
  • looking forward to: meeting Max!

Just for fun we pulled up the current statistics on the given name Max in WolframAlpha.

Pregnancy 39 Week Update2